Our Edge

Accuracap is a boutique fund manager. Its genesis lies in its desire to manage their own wealth in a manner that outperforms the market and outperforms other fund managers while at the same time assuming lower risk than a typical diversified equity fund would take. This approach coupled with deep Computer Science, Financial and Business background of its promoters and fund managers has led to the development of the system that has beaten the markets and many comparable funds in India over multiple periods.

The key differentiating factors that work well for Accuracap are –
Focus on Fundamentals. Pick the most robust businesses using sophisticated financial analysis
Ability to take advantage of market’s psychology to buy these high quality stocks at reasonable valuation using the unique “Pendulum Hypothesis”
Risk-averse and conservative approach. Do not make arbitrary weight calls on any sector or stock
No subjectivity or emotionality in the decision making process. Decisions made independent of individual biases and preferences, strictly based on the rules ingrained in the system
Do not make calls on the market directions or timing. Stay invested, long-only strategy
Finally solid and consistent performance – Funds have beaten the markets as well as different comparable funds over multiple periods